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last update 21 02 2019

Nacer en Paz y Bienestar Samaipata

A Center for respected births and holistic health
in Samaipata - Bolivia


The idea of the project "Nacer en Paz y Bienestar - Samaipata" comes from the desire  we had to continue sharing our experience of natural and peaceful births.


Birth as we know it in the family:
the baby comes sleeping and his siblings assist to his awaking

click on the picture to see the video on Youtube

The spirit of the project is to create a sacred space that promotes and honors the power of women to engender a world of peace and harmony, through natural and peaceful births.

While designing the project, three components were identified which will also be the three phases of the project:

- A birth Space, specially designed and arranged to facilitate natural births in good material and human conditions (phase 1)

- Dwellings for the women who may come from far and need housing before and after childbirth (phase 2)

- A multipurpose complex, including offices and rooms, to allow consultations and collective activities, around the birth, as well as global health, valuing the wisdom and knowledge of the peoples and cultures of the world (phase 3).



Above, Center Design and Birth Space Design (Phase 1),
below, rough drawing of the Birth Space


By communicating locally around the project, a favorable socio-political context has been identified:

- Hospital managers open-minded to the idea of the project

- absence of maternity and land available on the hospital property


The available land (in blue) on the hospital property (in green),
next to the space reserved for the future new public health building (in red)

- legal possibility of making the land available by agreement with the town hall and the municipal council

- existence of a public budget for the creation of a clinic in traditional medicine, budgeted in the Territorial Plan of Integral Development of the Municipality of Samaipata

- presence in Samaipata of women engaged on the theme of birth and perinatality : doctors, nurses, midwives and doulas. They will be contacted to be part of the project team.

- project alined with the ecological and alternative sensitivity of part of the population of Samaipata

- existence of a Municipal Health Committee and a health network, which can study the project, help to adjust it and serve as information relay

Phase 1 planned and budgeted

     * planning: after having developed the project, it is a priority to raise the corresponding funds, in order to be able to submit a financially viable project to the local authorities in May - June 2019, obtain approval, sign an agreement and then start the constructions and organization / training of the team, to be ready to attend the first deliveries in early 2020.

     * budget: US $ 40,000 = 280,000 Bs, divided into

project engineering: 22,000 bs

constructions and equipment: 164,000 bs

training and compensation of team members: 80,000 bs

fundraising campaign, communication, capitalization of experience, dissemination, duplication: 10,000 bs

More information about the project :

Download Activities Report (in Spanish)

Download a summary of the project

Contact me email

You can support the project from know.


(Refer to "Nacer en Paz - Samaipata Project")

1. By direct transfer, hand to handhand

please, contact me by phone wh +591 635 244 35

 2. By direct deposit in Bolivia

Bank : Banco Union Santa Cruz
Beneficiary : Christophe Jean Antoine RANQUE
Identity Card : 135136 90 SC
Account number Nº  129 96 62 61 (Bs)
Account number : Nº  235 148 96 (US Dollars)

3. By electronic transfert via Western Union (in your bank or via internet)western union

Location : Samaipata - Bolivia
Beneficiary : Christophe Jean Antoine RANQUE (3 names, 1 surname)
Identity Card : 135136 90 SC

4. Via Paypal :paypal

5. By direct deposit in Europe :

       CE Bank : Caisse d'épargne des Pays de la Loire - France

        Beneficiary : Christophe Ranque

        IBAN  :  FR76 1444 5004 0004 0822 4873 788

        swift/bic : CEPAFRPP444

6. By credit or debit card via GoFundMe platformGoFundMe


Christophe J. A. Ranque, Living Well facilitator in Samaipata
father of 11 children born in couple
co-author of documentary and book about self-managed childbirth


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